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Clinical excellence driven by empathy and education.

Our Philosophy at Valley Vista

Valley Vista is a 91-bed inpatient addiction treatment program for adult men and women suffering from substance use disorder often complicated by co-occurring mental health conditions. Each gender-specific program utilizes a patient-centered approach where individualized comprehensive treatment plans are customized to meet a patient’s unique needs. Valley Vista recognizes that one size does not fit all making use of multiple evidence-based therapeutic modalities including health realization, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Seeking Safety, Smart Recovery, and 12-Step Programming. Humility, accountability and acceptance underscore the work we do and service we provide to those seeking a life of enduring recovery. Substance use disorder does not discriminate and neither does Valley Vista; each patient is treated with respect, dignity, anonymity and validation in an intimate, safe and secure therapeutic environment. With two beautiful Vermont locations, in Bradford and Vergennes, Valley Vista offers recovery from addiction in humble and tranquil settings.

β€œValley Vista’s best practice driven addiction treatment has helped thousands find a better quality of life through psycho social well-being built upon an understanding of multiple evidence-based, patient-centered therapeutic modalities, personal reflection and insight, and spirituality.” – Amanda Hudak, Treatment Director

Valley Vista Core Values

  • UnityOur common welfare comes first; personal recovery depends upon working together towards a common goal.
  • RespectRespect for ourselves and others.
  • AnonymityAnonymity is the foundation of all our principles, honoring confidentiality.
  • Bias-freeTreatment that is free from bias or prejudice.
  • Enduring RecoveryContinuity of care that is considerate of an individual’s health needs as they relate to enduring recovery.

The Valley Vista Mission

To provide state-of-the-art, evidenced-based, best practice driven co-occurring inpatient treatment services to women and men struggling with substance use disorder often complicated by mental health conditions. All inpatient treatment is provided in a safe and secure therapeutic environment conducive to recovery and designed to ensure respect and validation for all patients served.

Our Staff

The Valley Vista team is led by a group of skilled and well-trained professionals, professionals helping patients overcome their substance use disorder and when necessary, co-occurring mental health conditions. The clinical team is supported and complemented by recovery specialists, many of whom are also certified recovery coaches. Valley Vista employs a multidisciplinary approach incorporating best practice interventions, skilled nursing, and psychiatric and medical services as well as a variety of treatment protocols and methodologies facilitating the best possible outcomes. Continuing care specialists ensure each patient has a comprehensive after-care plan when discharging from Valley Vista.

To contact our staff, please dial our main number at 802.222.5201 and key the extension desired below.

Amanda Hudak, MS, LADC, MAC – Treatment Director
πŸ“ž 411 πŸ“¬ amanda.hudak@vvista.net
Dawn Taylor, MA, LADC, CS – Director of Clinical Services
πŸ“ž 319 πŸ“¬ dawn.taylor@vvista.net
Amy Wallace, MD – Interim Medical Director
πŸ“¬ amy.wallace@vvista.net
Bonnie Brill – Operations Coordinator
πŸ“ž 314 πŸ“¬ bonnie.brill@vvista.net
Valerie DiLorenzo – Human Resources Business Partner
πŸ“ž 308 πŸ“¬ valerie.dilorenzo@vvista.net
Men's Clinical Team
Holli Harris – Program Manager
πŸ“ž 326 πŸ“¬ holli.harris@vvista.net
Hillary Liddick, PMHNP, RN – Nurse Practitioner
πŸ“ž 324 πŸ“¬ hillary.liddick@vvista.net
Michael Flannery, BA, AAP – Primary Therapist
πŸ“ž 344 πŸ“¬ michael.flannery@vvista.net
Georgia Hadley, BA, APP – Primary Therapist
πŸ“ž 342 πŸ“¬ georgia.hadley@vvista.net
Kimberly Lightbear, MA, LADC, NCC, CCTP – Primary Therapist
πŸ“ž 335 πŸ“¬ kimberly.lightbear@vvista.net
Dottie Moffitt, BA, CADC – Primary Therapist
πŸ“ž 330 πŸ“¬ dorothy.moffitt@vvista.net
Chance Simonton, BS, MS – Primary Therapist
πŸ“ž 334 πŸ“¬ chance.simonton@vvista.net
Patrick Ely, M.Ed., CRC – Primary Therapist in Training
πŸ“ž 311 πŸ“¬ patrick.ely@vvista.net
Charity Adams, CRC – Continued Care Specialist
πŸ“ž 331 πŸ“¬ charity.adams@vvista.net
Mike Goforth – Continued Care Specialist, Alumni Coordinator
πŸ“ž 360 πŸ“¬ michael.goforth@vvista.net
Women's Clinical Team
Bradford Campus
Kelly Dolan Mitchell, MA, M.Ed, LCMHC – Program Manager
πŸ“ž 341 πŸ“¬ kelly.mitchell@vvista.net
Tatum Lauzon – Primary Therapist in Training
πŸ“ž 340 πŸ“¬ tatum.lauzon@vvista.net
Stacie Lalonde – Continued Care Specialist, Alumni Coordinator
πŸ“ž 323 πŸ“¬ stacie.lalonde@vvista.net

Valley Vista Vergennes
Jessica Webster, MA, LADC – Program Manager
πŸ“ž 409 πŸ“¬ jessica.webster@vvista.net
Marina Ecklund, APRN – Nurse Practitioner
πŸ“ž 402 πŸ“¬ marina.ecklund@vvista.net
Jessica Thompson – Primary Therapist in Training
πŸ“ž 410 πŸ“¬ jessica.thompson@vvista.net
Jessica Bezon – Program Assistant and Continued Care Specialist
πŸ“ž 401 πŸ“¬ jessica.bezon@vvista.net

A Career with Valley Vista

Make a difference in the community where you live by joining our team of caring and service-oriented professionals. Valley Vista has openings available for Primary Therapists, Primary Therapists in Training, Recovery Aides and Coaches, and Nursing and administration services. Valley Vista provides training, a team-focused work environment, and a comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental and vision insurance, and 401k plan for all full-time employees.

Valley Vista is an equal opportunity employer adhering to all state and federal laws related to fair employment practices including hiring without regard to race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disabilities or ethnic background. We encourage diversity in the workplace.